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from an Era of Innovation
Introducing the 1955 Les Paul Custom Exclusives
1955 Les Paul Custom Exclusives
1955 marked a year of great innovation in several areas of American life. The year saw the dawn of the United States space program, the release of the first of the classic V8 Chevrolets to dealerships all over the country, and the insurgence of rock and roll in jukeboxes from coast to coast, which were blasting out this new music from Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, a kid named Elvis and his guitar player Scotty Moore. Having been an innovator in the guitar industry for a full 60 years already, Gibson piled on the advancements in the mid 1950s, too, bringing one groundbreaking development after another to the market. From the seminal carved-top solidbody electric of 1952, the Les Paul, via the Tune-o-matic bridge and Alnico V pickup of 1954, to the humbucking pickup of 1957, Gibson strode from first to first throughout the decade, forever changing the face of electric guitar design.

To celebrate the “Year of Innovation”, Gibson Custom releases 10 exclusive, limited edition Les Pauls crafted after both original and modified Les Paul models from 1955. Representing either original examples from that cornerstone year, or versions of 1955 Les Pauls that were later modified to incorporate desirable innovations, this rare run of Custom Shop instruments encapsulates the rapid advances in guitar design at Gibson at the time, and explores the way that players adapted these to their own needs and playing styles. Included in the program are:
Each model is unique, exclusive, and unavailable in any other production model, Custom Shop or otherwise. And, in addition to their own individual specs, each guitar in the series is made with Gibson Custom’s new “Soft Shouldered” ’55 neck profile. To create this “new” (yet vintage) feel, Gibson’s luthiers selected an original ’55 Les Paul that had a neck with a magical feel and modeled it precisely. With a similar front-to-back depth as standard rounded mid-’50s necks, it differed in its gently sloping sides, a feature that makes all guitars in the series extremely comfortable in the hand, and an utter joy to play. Each example in the series also comes with a 1955 “Year of Innovation” certificate and a Custom hardshell case. Check them out now at a limited range of exclusive online Gibson dealers.
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