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Incite a Revolution Swarm and Win a Firebird X!

Gibson Guitar is looking for a few good revolutionaries.

With the release of the groundbreaking Firebird X guitar, Gibson is starting a musical uprising — a revolution! And we're inviting our fellow revolutionaries out there to join us…and possibly win a very cool prize.

We will give away one of these highly-collectible, eminently playable guitars to the person who creates the most interesting, fun and visually compelling "swarm."

What is a "swarm," you ask?

Simply put, a swarm is a group of people unified in a single moment behind a single cause. Doing what? You tell us! That's the contest. Come up with — and execute — the most original, impactful, revolutionary swarm event, and you'll walk with the grand prize.

When your event takes place, make sure at your swarm you are wearing your revolutionary colors. Then videotape your swarm event and post it on YouTube. Get us that info, and we'll witness your uprising. (*If your swarm event is approved, we'll show you how to send us your YouTube "embed code".)

There are no limitations to how you create your swarm. Maybe your band has a massive, insane audience willing to do your bidding. Maybe you are a master of public address and can talk the masses into joining your cause. Or maybe you just know how to throw one hell of a party. The choice is up to you.

Once you've had your swarm, fill out this form and upload your pictures and YouTube video clips.

Welcome to the revolution!