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A Revolutionary Blend of Tone and Tailfins

More than just a matter of looks, the Firebird's design offers several tonal and performance benefits that don't immediately meet the eye, and all are mirrored in today's Firebird V 2010. Its "through neck" is constructed from a nine-piece mahogany and walnut laminate that extends from headstock to end pin, forming the central core of the body in addition to the neck itself. As well as providing superior strength, this design aids resonance and sustain enormously, which are enhanced by the Firebird's body wings of solid lightweight Grade-A mahogany.

Many further benefits are achieved by the stylish headstock that auto designer Ray Dietrich conceived for his masterpiece: the reversed six-in-line tuners offer a straight string pull through the PLEK-cut slots in the dense Corian nut to avoid pinching and binding and any resultant tuning problems, while the use of "straight-through" tuners avoids spoiling the elegant lines of the "hawk's head" shape. The Steinberger™ gearless tuners used on the Firebird V not only look great, but provide a stunning 40:1 turns ratio for unbelievably efficient tuning. A Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece pairing keep it all solid, sustaining and in-tune at the body end, too.

Providing the ideal blend of power, sparkle and fidelity, the Firebird pickups are like none other. Looking outwardly like the mini-humbuckers that appeared on many Epiphone guitars, and later, Gibson's Les Paul Deluxe, these are actually very different units. Developed for the Firebird in 1963, they originally used an individual Alnico bar magnet in the center of each coil to attain the brightness and clarity that many players demanded in the day. Gibson USA updates the format with powerful ceramic magnets for added punch and a broad frequency range, while retaining a pickup that excels at anything from twang to snarl.

To top it all off, the Firebird V has a playing feel quite like no other guitar around today. Gibson's distinctive but different '50s and '60s neck profiles are loved by different camps of players, the former rounded and chunky, the latter thinner and flatter. For the Firebird V, Gibson USA blends the two feels, in a neck that is still slim and fast, but with an appealing roundness that sits beautifully in the hand.

Add it all up, and it's a unique instrument that still cuts a dashing figure—and belts out and unparalleled tone—today just as it did back in '63.

Every Firebird V comes protected in a Gibson hardshell case, and is covered by Gibson's Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.
Body and Finish
The Firebird V's body is distinguished by its unique construction of a central body core formed of its "through neck", joined to two body wings crafted from lightweight Grade-A mahogany. The guitar accurately mirrors the radical "reverse-bodied" Firebird introduced in 1963, and is available in your choice of Vintage Sunburst, Ebony Black, or Classic White finish.
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Neck, Fingerboard and Headstock
The Firebird V uses the revolutionary "through-neck" construction that begun with this radical instrument, with the neck and body core formed by the same 9-piece mahogany and walnut laminate, with a rosewood fingerboard. It is carved to a slim but rounded "hybrid" profile, and topped with the distinctive "hawk's head" headstock with six-in-line tuners.
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Neck and Headstock
Pickups and Electronics
The guitar carries a pair of Firebird mini-humbucking pickups, model 495R and 495T, which are updated with ceramic magnets for added punch and clarity, to retain all the enhanced high-end character for which the original Firebird was designed, but with added muscle for 21st century players. They are routed through the traditional three-way toggle switch and independent volume and tone controls.
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Hardware & Electronics
TThe hardware set on the Firebird V echoes that worn by Firebirds of the early '60s, and includes Gibson's hallowed Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece, along with Steinberger™ gearless tuners with an amazing 40:1 turns ratio. All plated in chrome for a professional and durable finish.
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