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Rock the 21st Century With
This Striking New Edition
of a Gibson Classic
Tribal Explorer
Tribal Explorer
Even though the original Gibson Explorer was introduced in 1958, it didn’t grab the rock and roll world’s attention until the late ’60s and early ’70s, when hard rock and heavy metal hit the scene and the Explorer became the ultimate guitar to be seen with. Since then, the Explorer has been a total declaration of everything rock and roll. Gibson is now proud to introduce the latest chapter in the life of the Explorer – the Tribal Explorer, part of Gibson USA’s 2009 Limited Run Series of guitars. An instrument truly honed for the contemporary rock and roller, the new Tribal Explorer features a solid mahogany body and neck dressed in a custom white finish.

On the body is the Tribal Explorer’s signature design – an exclusive black Tribal pattern outline that sets it apart from any Explorer before it. Its unbound ebony fingerboard with acrylic dot inlays provides an austere contrast, while black chrome hardware and white pickup mounting rings complete the package. A pair of Gibson’s own uncovered ceramic-magnet humbucking pickups — a 496R in the neck and a 500T in the bridge — maximize output and sustain while retaining clarity and string definition.

The Tribal Explorer also adds an extra dimension with a factory mounted Kahler Tremolo system – the ultimate tailpiece for anything from deep divebombing to subtle vibrato effects. Whether you’re a player seeking a professional rock and roll guitar, or a collector in search of that ultimate trophy piece, the new 2009 Limited Run Series Tribal Explorer from Gibson USA is an axe worth grinding.

Each 2009 Limited Run Series model is restricted to just 350 guitars, and each comes with a black Gibson hardshell case and a special Limited Run Series certificate of authenticity.
Starting at
Pricing & Finish
  • Satin White
Product Features
  • One-piece solid Mahogany body
  • Ebony fingerboard with acrylic dot inlays
  • 496R neck and 500T bridge pickups
  • Kahler Tremelo Bridge System
  • Black Chrome Locking Mini-Grover Tuners
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