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Pickups Models
Gibson GEM active open coil pickups, a new fully active design. Pickups
Magnet Material
Alnico II. Magnet Material
Tonal Characteristics
Long favored by metal, shred and thrash players, active pickups offer an extended frequency range and enhanced power that passive magnetic pickups simply cannot achieve. In the neck position, Gibson's GEM Powered Humbucker gives the Explorer Vampire Blood Moon a warm, deep voice with outstanding clarity, while a slightly hotter GEM Powered Humbucker in the bridge position provides everything from aggressive crunch to eviscerating lead tones. Both provide uncompromising sustain, and the power to drive a high-gain amp to extremes.
Volume Controls
The Explorer Vampire Blood Moon has an independent volume control for each pickup, each of which consists of a quality 300k linear potentiometer for a smooth, natural volume roll-off. Volume Controls
Tone Control
The Explorer Vampire Blood Moon features a single "master" tone control, comprised of 500k non-linear potentiometers with.022mF tone capacitor for a smooth transition from bright to warm. Tone Controls
Toggle Switch
The Explorer Vampire Blood Moon features one three-way Switchcraft toggle switch. In the down position, only the bridge pickup is active. In the middle position, both pickups are active. In the up position, only the neck pickup is active. Toggle Switch
Output Jack
The guitar features a 1/4" output jack made by Switchcraft. Its super heavy duty construction holds your guitar cable securely in place. Output Jacks