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Pickups Models
The Dethklok "Thunderhorse" Explorer is equipped with a calibrated set of Gibson's popular BurstBucker humbucking pickups, which comprises a BurstBucker 1 in the neck position and a slightly hotter BurstBucker 2 in the bridge position, for the perfect output balance between the two pickup selections.

Gibson's BurstBuckers are widely regarded as the most accurate reproductions of original PAF humbuckers available today, and even go so far as to reproduce some of the inconsistencies known to contribute to the magic of original Gibson humbuckers from 1957-'60. BurstBuckers are made with unpolished Alnico II magnets and unpotted coils that are wound to slightly different numbers of turns of 42-gauge plain enamel coated wire, like the originals. Using two slightly mismatched coils gives the pickup a little more edge—a sound that you could even say comes a little closer to single-coil bite—than can be achieved with perfectly balanced coils.
Magnet Material
Alnico II, unpolished. Magnet Material
Tonal Characteristics
In the neck position, the BurstBucker 1 presents plenty of warmth and depth for smooth, vocal lead tones, but with impressive clarity and articulation. In the bridge, the BurstBucker 2 is a little hotter, and excels at anything from crunchy rock grind to searing metal lead tones.
Volume Controls
The Dethklok "Thunderhorse" Explorer has an independent volume control for each pickup, each of which consists of a quality 300k linear potentiometer for a smooth, natural volume roll-off. Volume Controls
Tone Control
The Dethklok "Thunderhorse" Explorer features a single "master" tone control, comprised of 500k non-linear potentiometers with .022mF tone capacitor for a smooth transition from bright to warm. Tone Controls
Toggle Switch
The Dethklok "Thunderhorse" Explorer features one three-way Switchcraft toggle switch. In the down position, only the bridge pickup is active. In the middle position, both pickups are active. In the up position, only the neck pickup is active. Toggle Switch
Output Jack
The guitar features a 1⁄4" output jack made by Switchcraft. Its super heavy duty construction holds your guitar cable securely in place. Output Jacks