Trini Lopez ES-335
The classic thinline, semi-hollow ES-335 body style is one of the most versatile guitar designs ever: Light and resonant, punchy and sustaining, it blends the best of the hollowbody and solidbody electric worlds into one powerful performer—and makes some of the biggest rock noises on the planet (just ask Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl).
But when tradition collides with style, even greater things happen. The Trini Lopez ES-335 from Gibson Memphis updates the legendary original with sleek diamond f-holes and a six-a-side Firebird-style headstock; add a pair of Gibson’s BurstBucker Pro pickups, innovative hardware, and full Gibson craftsmanship, and the Trini Lopez ES-335 is truly a do-it-all electric guitar. Visual touches like an authentic Sixties Cherry finish, split-diamond inlays, and “Trini Lopez” trapeze tailpiece ensure you’ll do-it-all in style, too—experience this stylishly modern update of an enduring legend at your Gibson dealer today.
Body Language
The classic ES-335 semi-hollow body with solid core ensures power, punch, and sustain.
Powerful Pickups
BurstBucker Pro pickups sing like vintage PAFs.
Precision Tuneup
A nickel ABR-1 bridge aids sustain and offers precise intonation.
Goes To Your Head
Six-a-side Firebird headstock makes a stunning contrast to semi-hollow tradition.
Look Sharp
Authentic Black Cherry Burst finish and diamond f-holes stand out from the crowd.
Case Closed
A rugged, vintage-style hardshell case takes it safely from load-in to load-out.

Trini Lopez ES-335
Semi-Hollow Tradition With a Dash of Style
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