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The body of each Nighthawk Standard 2010 is crafted from solid poplar, which is chambered to enhance its tone and resonance and reduce weight, and capped with a stunning Grade-AAA quilted maple top. Body Species
Tonal Characteristics
Poplar is a medium-dense hardwood with a well-balanced tone that includes sweet highs and firm lows. Chambering gives it extra body in the midrange, and a solid maple top adds definition and clarity for an extremely versatile voice overall.  
The Nighthawk Standard 2010 is made in the image of the original Nighthawk, launched in 1993, with a sleek single-cutaway body with deep cutaway for excellent upper-fret access, and a stylishly pointed "Florentine" horn. Body Design
Average Weight
The average weight of a raw Nighthawk Standard 2010 body is 4.4 lbs, which contributes to the relatively light weight of the finished guitar. Weight
Available Finishes
The Nighthawk Standard 2010 is finished your choice of Chicago Blue, St. Louis Sauce, or Memphis Mojo, all translucent to show of the stunningly figured Grade-AAA quilted maple top on each guitar. Memphis Mojo St. Louis Sauce Chicago Blue
Surface Texture
The Nighthawk Standard 2010 has a high-gloss finish.
The Nighthawk Standard 2010 is stained in one of three colors, then hand-finished in nitrocellulose lacquer, and buffed to a high-gloss appearance. Unlike many other manufacturers, who settle for a polyurethane finish, Gibson opts for a nitrocellulose finish that will encourage the natural vibration of the instrument for a purer tone. In addition, a nitro finish is very porous and actually gets thinner over time, so your guitar will further age gracefully as you play it.