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Neck and Headstock

Neck Species
The neck of the Graveyard Disciple is constructed from solid hard maple. This wood is not only one of the strongest used for guitar necks, but also provides exemplary cut and definition to the instrument’s tone. Neck Species
Tonal Characteristics
The glued-in maple neck contributes outstanding clarity and definition to the warmth, depth and sustain of the mahogany body.
Neck Profile
The neck on the Graveyard Disciple is carved to a Slim-Taper “D” profile, as per Zakk’s specifications. Neck Profile
Epiphone uses what is known as the Mortise & Tenon joint to bind neck to body so that the two pieces form one solid unit. The solid maple neck is hand-fitted into the body and glued in place for optimum tone and sustain.
Headstock Shape and Angle
The Graveyard Disciple’s headstock is carved to a classic Epiphone shape, and trimmed in five-ply white/b/w/b/w binding.
Truss Rod
Epiphany’s traditional truss rod, found in most all of our guitars, is highly responsive to the individual adjustments you’ll want to make to personalize and optimize string action and sustain. Truss Rod
The traditional Epiphone logo is inlaid across the top of the headstock face of the Graveyard Disciple, with a Zakk Wylde “cross” inlaid in mother-of-pearl at the center of the headstock. Logo
Fingerboard and Nut

Fingerboard Species
The Graveyard Disciple carries a bound ebony fingerboard, a classic option on many high-end Epiphone and Gibson guitars.
The Graveyard Disciple sports 22 medium-jumbo frets, all immaculately dressed and polished. Frets
Tonal Characteristics
Ebony fingerboards not only look great, but are known for contributing clarity and “snap” to the overall tonal formula.
The 14" radius of the Graveyard Disciple fingerboard provides smooth note bending capabilities and eliminates “dead” or “choked out” notes, common occurrences on fingerboards with lesser radiuses.
The Graveyard Disciple fingerboard carries mother-of-pearl block position-marker inlays, in the image of high-end models such as the Les Paul Custom.Inlays
A 1 11/16"-wide, three-segment locking nut gives the Graveyard Disciple all the room that shredders demand, while gripping your strings dead tight during even the most furious dive bombing action.Nut Width