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The body is made from solid mahogany, a tonewood that provides excellent warmth, depth and clarity in this application. Body Species
Tonal Characteristics
The Graveyard Disciple’s body wood yields a tonal response akin to that of several of the most popular guitars in the history of rock and metal. Like the solid-mahogany bodies of Epiphone and Gibson SGs, Les Paul Customs, later Flying Vs and Explorers and other stand-out models, the body of the Graveyard Disciple contributes to its outstanding midrange punch, low end warmth, and high end clarity, while adding sustain and harmonic complexity to the overall brew.
The labor-intensive hand-finishing process used by Epiphone involves applying a sealer coat to the body and neck, after which the wood is hand-sanded. Body and neck are then individually finished using premium Urethene clear-coat. In total, four coats are applied with hand sanding in between each, and the final coat is hand-buffed.
Designed by Zakk in cooperation with Epiphone, the new Graveyard Disciple combines killer sound with equally killer looks. Shaped like a coffin, the edges of the body are tapered and "pin-striped" in silver, giving it a striking visual appearance and depth while providing for a comfortable feel. Body Design
Available Finishes
The Graveyard Disciple is finished in Gloss Ebony. Ebony