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Classic Tone in an Instrument Crafted for 21st Century Playability
Grabber II Bass
“It’s full of flexibility so the artist can choose his own personal playing action as well as his personal sound with a patented sliding pickup.” – Gibson catalog, circa 1975

The introduction of the original Gibson Grabber bass in 1973 caught the attention of bassists around the world. Its sleek design was matched ever so smoothly with its thick, heavy and well-defined tone, and thousands of players found its blend of simplicity and versatility very hard to ignore, including the likes of Gene Simmons of Kiss, Green Day’s Mike Dirnt and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana. The model has been out of the Gibson catalog since 1982, but it is back again — briefly — thanks to the introduction of the Grabber II, now available as part of Gibson USA’s new Limited Run Series guitars. Today’s Grabber II bass stays true to the model’s production years of 1973-75 in many details, including its arrow-shaped, Flying V-inspired headstock, bell-shaped truss rod cover and Gibson-designed sliding humbucking pickup, which allows players to slide the pickup between the end of the neck and the bridge and fine-tune the frequency response of the instrument. It’s 34½-inch scale length also remains identical, yielding the same low, resonant response as the original model. The large “shamrock” button tuners and chunky, three-point adjustable bridge are back as well, as is the simple one-volume, one-tone control setup. The Grabber II also emulates the original in its use of a thin maple body – as used on the first Grabbers until the change to alder wood in 1975 – which contributes to the bass’ excellent tonal clarity and punch. The Limited Run Series Grabber II also utilizes Gibson’s traditional glued-in set maple neck with a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, which enhances the bass’ tonal quality and sustain. All in all, this “rediscovered” Gibson bass offers the heavy, rocking tones of the ’70s in an instrument crafted for 21st century playability. Each new Grabber II comes with its own Limited Series Run customized certificate of authenticity and a black Gibson hardshell case with plush white interior and silkscreened Gibson USA logo.

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