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Le Grand

"The most perfect combination of acoustic response and electronic amplification ever produced. An entirely new humbucking pickup and new method of mounting were designed to produce the purest tone amplification without restricting the acoustic response of the carved top. Intonation is incomparably clear." — Gibson catalog, circa 1962

The archetypal high-end instrument for the professional jazz artist or collector since 1961 – and with the pedigree to prove it – the LeGrand model from Gibson Custom is the pinnacle of achievement in archtop guitar production. The LeGrand began life as Gibson’s renowned Johnny Smith model, which was designed for the celebrated jazz guitarist in 1961, incorporating Smith’s desire to have a fully acoustic, carved-top archtop guitar that could also be used as an electric instrument for live performance. To meet this challenge, Gibson’s top luthiers designed an instrument that has defined the archtop electric guitar ever since. The LeGrand has always been a select model manufactured in limited numbers, and only 963 of the original Johnny Smith version (identical in all but name) were produced between 1962 and 1979.

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