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Pickups Model
The Emperor Swingster is equipped with Epiphone’s new SwingBuckers™ humbucking pickups, which are made with Alnico V magnets and classic enamel wire, and mirror the look and tone of the great “twangy” humbuckers of the late ’50s and early ’60s. A standard SwingBuckers™ at the neck yields a lower vintage-style output, while a SwingBuckers™ Plus in the bridge position, with over-wound coils, provides more biting, aggressive tones for times when you really need to rock. Pickups
Tonal Characteristics
BurstBucker™ pickups replicate the sound of many vintage rock and roll, rockabilly, and country artists’ from the late ’50s and early ’60s. They have all the power and punch of traditional PAF-style humbuckers, but with added shimmer, clarity, and bite—in short, they are totally “twang certified”.

In the neck position, the SwingBucker™ yields excellent depth and warmth, but with surprising string-to-string note definition, while in the bridge position the SwingBucker Plus™ is snappy, gnarly and punch. With the added benefit of individual series/parallel switching for each pickup, the Emperor Swingster player can tap into a versatile palette of tones, ranging from warm humbuckers to "quacky" single-coil type sounds and everything in-between.
Magnet Material
Epiphone’s SwingBuckers™s™ are made with Alnico V magnets, just like several legendary humbucking pickups of the ’50s and early ’60s.
Volume and Tone Controls
The Emperor Swingster carries independent volume and tone controls, with push-pull switches on the tone potentiometers for independent series/parallel switching for each pickup. Tone and Volume Controls
Toggle Switch
The Emperor Swingster uses a traditional three-way “toggle” pickup selector switch. Toggle Switch
Output Jack
The guitar features a quality 1⁄4" output jack. Output Jacks