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Tuning Keys
The headstock of the Emperor Swingster is equipped precision nickel Grover™ tuners with an efficient 16:1 gear ratio. These tuners represent a considerable upgrade from those used on most guitars in the Swingster’s price range. Tuning Keys
Trussrod Cover
The Emperor Swingster is equipped with a traditional plastic truss-rod cover with Epiphone “e.” Trussrod Cover
Strap Buttons
The guitar carries two die-cast, nickel plated steel strap buttons. Strap Buttons
For the Emperor Swingster, the traditional two-piece archtop bridge has been modified for totally hotrodded performance. Rather than “floating” like those of traditional archtops, held in place only by the pressure of the strings, the Emperor Swingster’s rosewood bridge base is “pinned” in place to keep it rock solid, even when you get rockin’. A tune-o-matic bridge with roller saddles help to keep the whole shebang perfectly in tune, however busy you get with the Bigsby vibrato. Bridge
Naturally, the Emperor Swingster carries a licensed Bigsby™ B30 vibrato, to push the twang factor to the max. This classic unit has increased playing comfort, and rockin’ hot looks, thanks to its “wire” vibrato arm, the hardware preferred by guitar legend Chet Atkins himself. Tailpiece
Control Knobs
Befitting its hotrod image, the Emperor Swingster wears no pickguard, but is equipped with four black top-hat control knobs and black selector switch tip and ring with “Rhythm” and “Lead” inscriptions. Control Knobs
The Emperor Swingster is fitted.010 - .046 strings.