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Chrome Gibson Tuners

The Songmaker DSR-CE comes fitted with genuine Gibson tuners with Schaller-style knobs. With a gear ratio of 16:1, these Gibson tuners deliver precision tuning in a durable housing that provides maximum protection for the gear and string post. All moving parts are cut for exact meshing, eliminating the possibility of slippage, and providing smooth and accurate tuning stability with the style and performance exactly suited for the Songmaker DSR-CE.

Traditional Gibson Pickguard

The tortoise pickguard on the Songmaker DSR-CE is a traditional design first utilized on the legendary L-00s of the early 1900s, and later the L-Series Blues King models from the 1930s. As with all of Gibson’s pickguards, the coloring, inlay, and binding are all done by hand.

Classic Double-Ring Rosette

A rosette is the beautiful, hand-crafted circle around the soundhole, and can be one of the most ornamental elements of any acoustic guitar. It is also one of the most subtle and complicated woodworking decorations on any acoustic guitar. The rosette on every Songmaker Series acoustic is a double-ring rosette similar to the rosette on Gibson’s celebrated SJ-200. The main ring consists of seven-ply binding, and the second ring three-ply binding, adding a stylish, understated elegance to the Songmaker line of acoustics.

Fishman Prefix Pro Blend System

Gibson’s Songmaker DSR-CE comes equipped with a built-in Fishman Prefix Pro Blend preamp acoustic system, which features the acclaimed Acoustic Matrix under-saddle pickup, and a miniature microphone mounted to the underside of the preamp chassis. The Acoustic Matrix delivers a clear, articulate sound with emphasis on string definition and attack, while the microphone captures the guitar’s natural ambience and sound chamber resonance. Blend the pickup and microphone together for a powerful and cohesive acoustic guitar tone that is deeper and more “filled out” than the sound of either alone. The system also features a flip-top battery compartment, a phase switch, an adjustable notch filter, and separate tone and EQ controls to help you shape your guitar’s tone to your taste.

Gibson Acoustic’s Hand-Scalloped Bracing

Every guitar made by Gibson Acoustic features hand-scalloped top bracing inside the body, which is lighter and allows the top more freedom of movement to project sound. Hand-scalloped top bracing is a feature normally found only in limited run, hand-made guitars. But at Gibson Acoustic, every acoustic features this type of bracing. By scalloping each brace by hand, the natural sound of the acoustic is focused more toward the center of the body, enhancing the instrument’s sound projection beyond imagination.

Ebony Fingerboard with Genuine Pearl Dot Inlays

The fingerboard of the Songmaker DSR-CE is constructed from premium ebony. The resilience of this durable wood makes the fingerboard extremely balanced and stable, and gives each chord and note unparalleled clarity and bite. The Songmaker DSR-CE’s classic dot inlays are made of genuine mother of pearl, and are inserted into the fingerboard using a process that eliminates gaps and doesn’t require the use of fillers. These two features ensure that each Songmaker DSR-CE has an extremely smooth and comfortable feel, enhancing the overall playability of each guitar.


  • Gibson Logo
  • Chrome Gibson Tuners
  • Historic Full Neck Profile
  • Classic Body Tonewoods
  • Gibson Acoustic’s Hand-Scalloped Bracing
  • Traditional Gibson Pickguard
  • Classic Double-Ring Rosette
  • Fishman Prefix Pro Blend System
  • Traditional Body Binding
  • Ebony Fingerboard with Genuine Pearl Dot Inlays