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The body’s top is made from solid Sitka spruce, one of the most highly regarded woods for the soundboards of acoustic guitars. Its back and sides are made from solid mahogany, a select tonewood employed by many classic flat-top guitars. Body Species
Tonal Characteristics
The John Hiatt Model offers outstanding depth and complexity in the vein of the great large-bodied mahogany flat-tops. The solid Sitka spruce top presents an excellent clarity and complexity, while the mahogany back and sides add richness and complexity to the tone. All of this, and unsurpassed volume and projection, suit the John Hiatt Model to a surprisingly wide range of playing styles.  
The John Hiatt Model is designed along the lines of the large-bodied, round-shouldered J-45 dreadnought, an all-time classic that Gibson introduced in 1942. Its 16 1/4”-wide body produces the superior volume and full, vibrant tone that leading singer-songwriters have relied upon for nearly 70 years. Body Design
The John Hiatt Model is finished in Gibson’s luscious, timeless Triple-Burst. Body Design
Gibson’s acclaimed acoustic facility in Bozeman, Montana, hand finishes these guitars in nitrocellulose lacquer, which is kept to a low build-up and hand buffed to a high sheen. In addition to looking great and aging beautifully, this thin nitrocellulose finish avoids impeding of the guitar’s resonance.