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Tuning Keys
The headstock of the Aaron Lewis Southern Jumbo carries Kluson-style nickel white button tuners with an efficient 14:1 ratio for excellent tuning stability. On the Aaron Lewis Aged Southern Jumbo, these keys have been aged specifically to appear like the ones on Lewis’ original guitar. Tuning Keys
The Aaron Lewis Southern Jumbo carries a traditional “belly up” bridge made from solid rosewood, with traditional bridge pins and a solid bone saddle for enhanced sustain and resonance. Bridge
The Aaron Lewis Southern Jumbo carries a Matrix Infinity, the ultimate edition of the Fishman Matrix pickup. With volume and tone controls mounted inconspicuously in the edge of the sound hole, the Matrix Infinity is most advanced unit from one of the world’s leading acoustic-guitar pickup manufacturers. The Matrix Infinity features a unique sound control which cuts mids while boosting the treble and bass, and an additional, player accessible, EQ selector that selects between “flat” or “bass boost” to further fine tune your personal sound, all without interfering with the vibration of the top and bridge when the Aaron Lewis Southern Jumbo is played unplugged.

Truss Rod Cover
The truss rod cover features the black and white plastic “antique bell” and is engraved with a silhouette of Aaron Lewis and his guitar.
The Aaron Lewis Southern Jumbo is fitted with genuine Gibson light gauge acoustic strings, sizes .011 - .052.