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The body's top is made from three-layer laminated Sitka spruce, a material that is highly regarded for its resistance to feedback when used in the soundboards of electro-acoustic guitars. Its back and sides are made from mahogany. Body Species
Tonal Characteristics
The 70th Anniversary John Lennon models bear the classic acoustic sound heard on countless Beatles recordings. This sound had a balanced lows, mids and highs and a lighter and brighter acoustic tonal character. Plugged in, it benefits from a tight, cutting response, excellent presence, and impressive resistance to feedback for a flat-top "electro-acoustic" guitar.  
The 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E is designed along the lines of the large-bodied, round-shouldered J-45 dreadnought, an all-time classic that Gibson introduced in 1942. Body Design
The 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E is finished in Vintage Sunburst; the 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E "Imagine" model is finished in an "Imagine" Soft White. And the 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E Museum model is lightly finished in natural with John Lennon's famous "Bed-In" drawings. Vintage Sunburst Vintage Sunburst Imagine White "Imagine" White Antique Natural Natural
Gibson's acclaimed acoustic facility in Bozeman, Montana, hand finishes these guitars in nitrocellulose lacquer, which is kept to a low build-up and hand buffed to a high sheen. In addition to looking great and aging beautifully, this thin nitrocellulose finish avoids impeding of the guitar's resonance. At the request of Yoko Ono, special custom treatment has been given to the Imagine model in the form of a final hand process of softening the pure white finish. In addition, the 70th Anniversary Museum model bears only a few thin coats of clear lacquer that are not buffed in the final stage to reflect John's actual guitar on display at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.