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75th Anniversary F-10 Mandolin
The new 75th Anniversary F-10 Mandolin from Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments was designed in the same vein as the new Bush Inspired By model, taking its cue from a classic F-10 pattern first advertised and produced 75 years ago, and featured as new in the 1934 Gibson catalog. This beautiful mandolin features the same hand-cut urn inlay on the peghead, exactly as found on the original, and sculpted from genuine mother of pearl. Gibson’s classic leaves and flowers fingerboard inlay graces the instrument’s rosewood board, and is also sculpted from genuine mother of pearl.

In order to meet the demands of the modern player, the period-correct mahogany neck has been joined to the body at the 15th fret for maximum accessibility and optimum bridge placement, ensuring the instrument’s superior resonance and tone. Additionally, the tuning pegs have been drilled and splayed, and the pickguard has been appropriately resized. Each 75th Anniversary F-10 Mandolin comes with a special certificate of authenticity, and a hardshell case.
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