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Tuning Keys
The headstock of the Billie Joe Armstrong J-180 carries six nickel Gotoh tuners with efficient 14:1 turn ratios. Tuning Keys
A vintage-style belly-up six-pin bridge made from East Indian rosewood offers firm string anchoring and outstanding vibrational coupling with the body, while a one-piece Tusq saddle helps to keep the tone sharp and true. Bridge
Strap Button
The guitar’s endpin jack doubles as pickup output and body-end strap button. Strap Button
The Billie Joe Armstrong J-180 carries a blend of traditional and updated plastics, including custom double J-180 tortoiseshell pickguards, classic antique-bell-shaped truss rod cover with Billie Joe Armstrong’s signature, and multi-ply top binding and soundhole rosette. Plastics
Pickup and Electronics
The Billie Joe Armstrong J-180 comes equipped with a Fishman Matrix VT preamp and piezo pickup system, which provides easy plug’n’play amplified performance and accurate acoustic tone in a low-profile package that minimizes impact on the instrument’s acoustic qualities.

A Fishman Acoustic Matrix pickup – the world’s best selling under-saddle pickup – is routed through a discrete soundhole-edge-mounted VT control system that includes rotary style volume and tone controls. The simple but extremely effective tone control is designed to enhance and fine-tune the voice of an acoustic guitar, and cuts mids while boosting treble and bass to suit your Billie Joe Armstrong J-180 to any performance or recording environment.

The classic double tortoiseshell pickguards were originally created by Gibson in the 1960s. For the Billie Joe Armstrong Model, these pickguards are brightly accented by a custom finish masking technique that allows the natural woodgrain of the sitka spruce top to shine through the multi-toned pickguard material. Pickguard
Gibson’s Light Gauge phosphor-bronze acoustic strings, sizes .012-.053, are installed at the factory.