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The body’s top is made from solid Sitka spruce, one of the most highly regarded woods for the soundboards of acoustic guitars. Its back and sides are made from solid maple, a popular choice for retaining clarity and enhancing treble content in large-bodied acoustic guitars. Body Species
Tonal Characteristics
The Billie Joe Armstrong J-180 achieves outstanding presence and projection, all with impressive note definition thanks to its maple back and sides. In this way, it makes an excellent rhythm guitar for driving the band, but its solid Sitka spruce top contributes plenty of depth and sweetness to the tonal brew, letting it excel at mellower, more nuanced performance styles too. The J-180 design has been noted to have an excellent tonal balance that is ideal for recording studio and live sound applications.  
The Billie Joe Armstrong J-180 is designed in the image of the J-180 “Jumbo,” itself slightly scaled down from the lines of the seminal J-200 (a.k.a. SJ-200), both extremely distinctive instruments with rounded shoulders and near-circular lower bouts. Body Design
The Billie Joe Armstrong J-180 is finished in Ebony. Body Finish Ebony
Gibson’s acclaimed acoustic facility in Bozeman, Montana, hand finishes these guitars in nitrocellulose lacquer, which is kept to a low build-up and hand buffed to a high sheen. In addition to looking great and aging beautifully, this thin nitrocellulose finish avoids impeding of the guitar’s resonance.