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Handcrafted Tone, Feel, and Appearance
Superior Performance For The Ultimate Playing Experience
Introducing the New Gibson Acoustic 2016 Lineup
Gibson Acoustic is dedicated to developing and producing the highest quality acoustic guitars in the world, continually improving the sound and performance of our instruments. From the very beginning, Orville Gibson was committed to the ideal of handcrafted innovation. By studying our rich guitar building history and pioneering advanced technologies the 2016 Gibson Acoustic model line was born.

Across our entire 2016 line, performance-driven product improvements were instated, focusing on playability, sound, and performance of our iconic instruments. Through these continuous advancements new high-performance models are introduced into our most eclectic lineup to date.

Thermally Aged top woods were developed for use on our improved Vintage line. This allows us to replicate the aging process on the cellular level for that legendary Gibson Acoustic vintage sound and appearance.

Gibson Acoustic is committed to continuing the legacy carried by our skilled artisans in Bozeman, Montana. Each guitar represents Gibson’s century-old tradition of building exquisite, investment-quality instruments with the highest standards of innovation and craftsmanship.

Gibson Acoustic - 2015 Model Year