Zakk WyldeGuitar guru Zakk Wylde has a ton of Facebook fans, and each week, he treats them to his “video of the week.”

This week, Wylde shared a clip of his performance at the Les Paul Tribute at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville in November of 2009. The video has Wylde shredding it up with unrepentantly heavy guitar solos on his signature Les Paul BFG guitar. Watch it below.

I’ve had the honor of chatting with Wylde several times over the years, and he’s always passionate about his meticulous guitar design. Last year, Wylde told me the story behind the look of his Les Paul Bullseye:

“Obviously, being a huge disciple of Rhoads, I had an Alpine White Les Paul when I started out,” he said. “When I joined Ozzy, between the blonde hair and the white Les Paul, I thought, ‘Oh, it feels like this is a Randy Rhoads tribute band!’ [Laughs] And obviously Randy also had the polka-dots, and what I wanted originally was the Vertigo design for the Hitchcock movie, and my buddy Max, who built Slash’s original Gibson Appetite for Destruction guitar, he painted my guitar. I had a photo shoot, and I said, ‘Max, I want this spiral thing, and I’m doing a cover shoot for all these things, and can you get it done before Tuesday?’

“And when I opened the case, it was a bullseye. So I was like, that wasn’t what I wanted, but obviously I did the photo shoot with the guitar, and the rest is history.”

Photo: Anne Erickson