The Yardbirds are asking fans to pitch in as they prepare to record their first studio LP in 14 years. Partnering with PledgeMusic, the band is seeking funds to begin work on “a totally new recording of original songs with a couple of carefully selected covers done in the tradition of the how the Yardbirds deconstructed, reconstructed and resurrected old blues songs to bring them to a new wider audience.”

Of special note is the fact that legendary producer Jack Douglas is already on-board for the sessions, which, according to a press release, will be recorded on analog equipment and tracked in a “state of the art recording facility.”

The current Yardbirds lineup is led by founding member Jim McCarty, who spearheaded a retooled version of the group in 2014. Speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock the following year, the drummer offered assurances that the legacy of the beloved group would be upheld.

“I think the thing is that it’s such a great repertoire and I don’t think we’re going to have any trouble with that level of musicianship — it’s going to be good,” said McCarty. “It’s quite energetic and it’s such a good body of songs that really stand the test of time.”