Villians Michael Wilkes by Drew Crozier

Villains guitarist Mike Wilkes recently chatted with about why he believes the Gibson Les Paul is “the perfect guitar.”

“My go-to guitar is a 1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard. I’ve had it since ’95,” he said. “I bought that guitar so long ago, but it’s pretty much been my go-to ever since. I’ve never had a problem; I’ve never had it go out at a gig. I’m a Gibson player, through and through!”

Wilkes added that Les Pauls handle his hard-hitting playing style and busy gigging schedule.

“I’m a very aggressive guitar player. I use a lot of heavy vibrato and a lot of sustain, and a Les Paul, to me, is the perfect guitar,” he said. “I’ve been a working musician going on 15 years, and you want a reliable guitar that you can depend on, then you want a Gibson! I remember when I first started playing my Les Paul, all of a sudden, I started getting more gigs!”

Check back for’s full interview with Wilkes next week, and listen for the Villains’ new single, “Cadillac,” to hit the airwaves soon.

Photo: Drew Crozier