Eddie Van Halen has given a rare, open interview about his life to Esquire magazine. The band Van Halen, now reunited with original vocalist David Lee Roth, recently released A Different Kind of Truth, which hit #2 on the Billboard charts.

On Roth, Eddie tells Esquire: “We never really hated each other. I think the press blew that out of proportion. He did kind of blindside us by leaving – we certainly weren’t ready for that. But we always, if we argued – you know, now it’s always about, about the structure of a song. It’s never personal. We’ve never on a personal level not gotten along.”

On recording A Different Kind of Truth, EVH says:

“Before we decided to actually make a full record, we said, ‘Hey, let’s do some old demos.’ And we actually recorded three of them already. And I engineered ‘She’s the Woman,’ ‘Out of Space’ and ‘Bullethead,’ and it ended up turning into a whole record. But we figured: Why not give fans the era that they liked, you know?”

And on being in a band with his son Wolfgang (bass) and brother Alex (drums), EVH says:

“I can’t think of anyone more blessed than me. For one, you know all the bull---t I’ve been through in my life. To have a brother that I’ve been playing with since day one, and now my son. I don’t think anyone else in music can actually say that. I don’t know anyone who has a son and brother that they play together.”

Full Eddie Van Halen interview at Esquire.