Bradley Wiggins

Turns out that Britain’s first-ever winner of the Tour de France is a massive indie rock fan, a guitarist and a proud Gibson ES-335 owner.

Bradley Wiggins told Cycle Sport Onlinein 2009: “I’ve probably got about 12 or 13 guitars at the moment, but I haven’t got enough space for them, so a few of them are out on permanent loan.

“I just spend ridiculous amounts of money on guitars, it’s the one real indulgence I have – that and clothes. I really got into vintage guitars, and to be honest right now it’s probably safer than keeping your money in a bank. They never decrease in value.

“If there was a fire in my house and I could only save one, I know exactly which one it would be. I’ve got a Gibson ES-335 in ebony black with a Bigsby which is 20 years old and in mint condition. I kind of love that guitar. Those 335 Gibsons are my favorites – mine’s my pride and joy.”