Tak Matsumoto Strings of My Soul

Asian guitar superstar Tak Matsumoto has announced that his new solo album, Strings of My Soul, will be released on August 7, via 335 Records. The album combines elements of jazz, blues and rock and features guitar legend (and Matsumoto’s previous collaborator) Larry Carlton on a cover of “Sukiyaki.” Check out the full tracklist below.

In a recent interview with Gibson.com, Matsumoto – who is best-known for his work with Japanese rock group B’z – described the album as “basically instrumental, more bluesy and mellower than B’z… This album represents me right now, in the present moment.”

In addition, Gibson Custom just released Matsumoto’s latest signature guitar – the Tak Matsumoto Doublecut Custom Ebony. Plus, Tak will be touring North America this fall with B’z.

Tak Matsumoto, Strings of My Soul tracklist:

1. “The Moment”
2. “Live Life”
3. “Trinity”
4. “Blue”
5. “Hana”
6. “Koi-Uta”
7. “Sasanqua ~ Winter Sun”
8. “The Wings”
9. “Sukiyaki” – featuring Larry Carlton
10. “My Favorite Things”
11. “Romeo & Juliet”