James Iha Look to the Sky

While Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins usher in their new album, Oceania, former Pumpkins guitarist has his own project lined up and ready to go. I’m talking about James Iha, who just posted the video for “To Who Knows Where,” the debut single from his first solo release in 14 years, Look to the Sky. 

Iha says the idea for the video came from watching David Bowie’s classic film The Man Who Fell to Earth. Watch the video here and let us know if you see the inspiration.

“The general idea was to allude to weird story lines that were never explained,” Iha said in a statement. “I come down from another planet, there are men following me, there’s a mysterious woman, and I hope to find my way back to my home planet. It’s like a lot of ’70s movies.”

Look to the Sky will hit stores on September 18.