Smashing Pumpkins Adore

Smashing Pumpkins mastermind Billy Corgan is making a reality show with his wrestling organisation. Yep, the guitar maestro is so into pro-wrestling he says he has now signed a deal with a “big reality show producer” who has “an incredible track record.”

According to, Corgan says, “We believe that wrestling is fascinating on many, many levels. Socially, politically, even economically. The struggles independent wrestlers go through to try to find work. Those are real struggles that anybody can identify with. We want to show what goes on in a wrestling company behind the scenes.

“I've had like nine or ten meetings so far about it. With different people. A lot of them wanted to know if this would be your typical manufactured reality show and I told them that with a wrestling company, you don't have to manufacture reality. There's plenty of it to go around.”

Corgan has his own company, Resistance Pro Wrestling, to work on various wrestling-related projects. Smashing Pumpkins’ new album, Oceania, is out 19 June.