Even a flesh-eating virus can’t stop Slayer. With Jeff Hanneman out of commission for the foreseeable future (Slayer announced Monday that he had contracted the illness from a spider bite), the metal titans will continue to tour with a replacement guitarist.

The band have revealed that Hanneman’s temporary replacement will be Gary Holt, of the San Francisco-based Exodus. A few years ago, Slayer toured with Exodus, who formed in 1980 and once included Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, according to NME.com.

Holt will join Slayer for the rest of their Australian tour and until Hanneman makes a full recovery.

“After everything that’s happened we all agreed that we just can’t let our fans down again,” Slayer’s Kerry King said in a statement. “Jeff is totally on board with the decision, so we will tour as planned. We can’t pinpoint what day he’ll be back, but it will be as soon as he possibly can.”

Hanneman’s illness is called necrotizing fasciitis–a rare disease that destroys skin, fat and tissue from below the surface of the body. He’ll be undergoing surgery on his right arm soon.