Samantha Stollenwerck is making waves with the anticipated independent release of her new record “Carefree” on November 10th. Samantha is a California native who formed her first band, Shady Lady, in college1999 in Berkeley, California. She gained attention in San Francisco for her unique blend of soulful pop she likes to call “Cali-soul”.

Samantha partnered with producer, Jeff Trott this past year to write and record “Carefree”.  Jeff Trott is best known for his work with Sheryl Crow, having penned several of Crow's hit songs such as "Everyday is a Winding Road" and "If it Makes You Happy" as well as was Sheryl's touring guitar player for over a decade.  Stollenwerck also collaborated with songwriter Danielle Brisebois who was a co-writer on Natasha Bedingfield’s hit songs, “Unwritten” and “Pocket Full of Sunshine” to write her title track song “Carefree”.  Samantha filled out her songs with the addition of some of the most highlighted musicians in the industry such as Victor Indrizzo, Vincent Jones, Sean Hurley and Joey Warnoker. Bumping up the grooves, Grammy Award winning mixer, Manny Marroquin put the final touches on the record.

Samantha has been playing an acoustic 1951 Gibson L-1 which is similar to Gibson’s top-selling acoustic the J-45 Standard

Samantha will host a record release party in Venice, California on November 10th performing her new songs with special musical guests.

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Photos credit: Tristan Bayer

Music Video "Oblivious"

Acoustic Video "Carefree"