Saigon Kick

Florida hard rock band Saigon Kick have reunited in their original line-up, and tour dates will be announced shortly.

The reunion includes Matt Kramer, Phil Varone (ex-Skid Row), Jason Bieler, Tom Defile and Chris McLernon. The band's high point was 1992's The Lizard, which went gold with more than 500,000 copies sold. Their biggest single was "Love Is On The Way" from the same album: it peaked at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

But like a lot of bands of the era, they got unfairly lumped in with the hair metal stuff that came before them, and while they struggled on against grunge amidst a number of line-up changes, the last Saigon Kick tour took place in 2000.

An official website is online at, although there's not much content there yet, and there's a Twitter account at @SaigonKick.

So with Saigon Kick, Mr. Big, Ugly Kid Joe and Extreme all back together, are there any of those early ‘90s non-quite-hair-band, definitely-not-grunge bands who are yet to reunite?