The Global Battle of the Bands 2009 ended rather deeply into 2010 due to snowstorms and volcanic ash. But when it finally did conclude on April 27, the last band standing was the Gibson-slinging Rustic from Beijing, China.

The Chinese rockers beat out competitors from all over the globe, including representative acts from Italy, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Norway, England, Kazakhstan, Israel, Montenegro, Ukraine, Romania, Netherlands, Scotland, Serbia, Nepal, Malaysia, Canada, Iceland and Germany. Second place went to Iceland’s Endless Dark and third place went to Explicit Licks from Norway.

As the winning band, Rustic pocketed a cool $100,000 in band development, which includes a week in a London recording studio, a 10-date UK tour and $10,000 cash. The band had already won a Gibson SG guitar, which they used in their winning performance.

Bassist Ricky Sixx offered some perspective to

“You know, we’re really, really poor. We live the poor life. That’s why we got the song called ‘Rock and Roll for Money and Sex.’ It’s a song for our hope for what we want.”