Rush Clockwork Angels

There’s no denying that Rush have been around for a long time. I know a lot of bands who would enjoy just one-tenth of the longevity Rush has seen over the past decades.

So, what’s the band’s secret to staying around? Speaking with, Rush bass player and vocalist Geddy Lee said that he’s not exactly sure!

“It’s a little mysterious to me,” Lee said. “There’s a particular obvious chemical reaction we have with each other as players. We all like making the same kind of music, which I think is the one thing that kills a lot of bands: the fact that their tastes start changing, and the thing they want to put in their music is not something the other guys agree with. We don't have that problem here.

“The other thing that breaks up most bands is interpersonal relationships. We don't have that problem either, because we do get along well and we respect each other. Most of the time the biggest concern we have is, who is going to say something funnier? Where we get into one-upmanship is in the comedy department, not the music department. I think those things combined have really helped keep this band going.”

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