A rare collection of British-made Supersound guitars has been found in the basement of a house in the U.K., according to a report from the BBC.

The Supersound brand of guitars resulted from a collaboration between noted British luthiers Jim Burns and Alan Wootton during the late 1950s. Burns, of course, went on to produce guitars played by such notable musicians as Queen’s Brian May, Andy Bell of Oasis, and others.

The collection of 12 Supersound guitars appears to be one of the most definitive – and important – examples of a fairly undocumented period of British guitar-making history.

“In nearly 50 years of playing, working on and writing about the electric guitar, this is the first time I have actually seen one Supersound instrument, let alone 12,” Paul Day, author of The Burns Book, told the BBC. “These are among the earliest electric guitars and basses from any British builder and therefore comprise an important, but hitherto virtually unknown chapter in UK guitar-making history.”

The guitars were purchased by Guy Mackenzie from an unidentified “owner” who’d originally purchased the instruments from Wootton’s son several years ago. The guitars had remained in an “untouched’ state ever since.

“I don't actually play, but I just love them in the same way that people collect old paintings even though they can't paint,” Mackenzie told the BBC. “As soon as I tracked down these ultra-rare instruments – apparently some of the very first made by U.K. legend Jim Burns – I just had to meet the owner.”

No word yet on Mackenzie’s plans for the rare instruments.