Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton is enlisting a variety of superstar guitarists as guests for a tour next summer. The first announced guest for the tour, dubbed Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus, is blues legend B.B. King. No other guitarists have been announced thus far. King will join Frampton for three weeks during August. “I’m so honored,” Frampton told Billboard. “I can’t wait to speak to him and thank him.”

Frampton first revealed the tour concept in a tweet earlier this month, but offered few details. He now says he will adjust the shows to accommodate the styles of the various players. The set list will also include instrumentals, new material and “old favorites.”

Frampton also spoke with Billboard about legendary 1954 Les Paul that he played on the Frampton Comes Alive!album. Missing for 30 years, the guitar was thought to have perished in a plane crash, but Frampton was reunited with the instrument a year ago. “I was recording with it this afternoon,” Frampton said. “It's a surreal thing to have it back. It was the only electric guitar I had for 10 years — I couldn't afford to have multiples. It was all I played; it's a very important guitar to me."