British folk rockers Mumford & Sons are getting ready to release their sophomore effort Babel, on September 21. The band recently recorded the video for the first release from the album, the single "I Will Wait," during a show at legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. The venue, which was host to the classic U2 live album and video Under A Blood Red Sky in 1983, is beautifully situated in Red Mumford and SonsRocks Park outside of Denver, and has great natural acoustic properties. Its scenic surrounding makes it an appealing location for a video shoot.

Bass player Ted Dwane recently spoke to Rolling Stone about Babel "We're really excited to broaden that spectrum of people's perception of what we are musically...I think the most exciting thing that is different is just having done some live recordings. We really call ourselves a live band, and it was really important to us to start really exploring that way of recording."