Mumford & Songs

Mumford & Sons album Babel has created a new record — it is officially the most streamed album in one week. According to figures from Spotify, Babel was streamed over 8 million times in the U.S in the past seven days making it the most streamed album ever in the first week of it being on sale. At 8 million streams, Babel has three times more streams than Spotify's previous most streamed title.

According to Spotify, one in 10 Spotify users listened to a track from Babel last week. Perhaps it was to be expected: Mumford and Sons Babel is officially the fastest selling album of 2012 in the USA — it sold 600,000 copies this week making it the biggest debut album of this year. Interestingly, 420,000 (70%) of those albums sold were downloads, making Babel the biggest digital debut since Lady Gaga's Born This Way in May 2011.