Hard rockers Mötley Crüe and KISS recently had the tough job of selecting an opener for their upcoming, co-headlining North American tour, and now, the Crüe have officially announced that U.K. rockers the Treatment are their guys. The scorching trek, simply called “The Tour,” will set off on July 20 in Bristow, Virginia, and currently closes out on September 23 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Crüe bass player Nikki Sixx is already a fan of the Treatment. He played them on his syndicated radio show, Sixx Sense, a while back, and fans dug the sound. “I am very happy for them,” Sixx said, in a statement. “We played them nine months ago on ‘Sixx Sense,’ and fans really loved what they are about. Give them a warm welcome.”

Legendary Crüe guitarist Mick Mars checked in with Gibson.com last month and offered up some guitar-playing tips. “I’ve had people tell me, ‘I’m at a standstill.’ What I would usually do when I hit a standstill is take on somebody that I didn’t know,” he said. “Like, after I learned a lot of blues things when I was a little guy, I would want to step it up, so I stepped up to Wes Montgomery or George Benson to learn a different type of thing. But, what’s most important is practice.

“I can’t read, so I just play with my feel, with my soul and with my heart and put everything that I have into it. I play some stuff, and I don’t know what it is, but people will come up and say, ‘Hey, when you did that pentatonic scale, that was out of this world!’ And I go, ‘What’s that?’ [Laughs] But, practice, practice, practice is the best way to do it.” Read the full interview, here.