Japanese singer-songwriter Miwa is plugging in and rocking out on her new single, “chAngE.” The 20-year-old sensation has been the big story on the Japanese music scene this year, after her first single, “Don’t Cry Anymore,” hit the Top 20 on the Oricon singles chart and #1 on the download chart. The song also has won awards in conjunction with its usage as the theme song for the TV drama Nakanai to Kimeta Hi.

“chAngE” is Miwa’s third single this year (the second, “Little Girl,” was also a Top 20 hit). The unique capitalization in the song’s title is significant, as the “A” stands for “acoustic” and the “E” stands for “electric.” And indeed, Miwa is making a major change – setting aside her trademark Gibson J-45, this time around, in favor of a Gibson Joan Jett Blackheart. She first discovered the popular signature model during a visit to Gibson’s Japan Showroom and fell in love with it right away.

The result is a hard-rocking, melodic epic, not unlike the best parts of Evanescence. Even before its release as a single, “chAngE” has already become a viral sensation, as it is being used as the opening theme song for the popular Japanese anime, Bleach. Fans from all over the world are now posting their own cover versions on YouTube.

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