Mike Keneally Hat
Multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally has wrapped up work on Wing Beat Fantastic, an album featuring a number of songs written with XTC frontman Andy Partridge. “It’s done," Keneally says. “Finally. It’s done. Mastered, packaged, the lot. The release date is July 24 but we’ll make it available for pre-order before then.”
In an interview with Chicago Music Magazine recently, Keneally described Wing Beat Fantastic as “almost like a pop album for me. It’s more accessible than my stuff that’s normally melodic. It’s rocking, but it’s also very direct. I’m also including a group of other songs that I wrote on my own. Its my own boundaries that I’m trying to break whenever I do anything.”
Aside from playing guitar in the live incarnation of Dethklok and keys in Joe Satriani’s band, Keneally’s musical resume includes guitar and keys in Steve Vai’s band, Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie’s Mullmuzzler, and a tour as Frank Zappa's final “stunt guitarist” on Zappa’s last tour in 1988.
The Mike Keneally Band will perform at the NEARfest North East Art Rock Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Sunday, June 24. The Mike Keneally Band lineup for the performance includes bass player Bryan Beller (The Aristocrats, Steve Vai), drummer Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), and guitarists Rick Musallam and Griff Peters.