Metallica had a major run in with file-sharing site Napster over a decade ago. But now they are happy with online streaming service Spotify.

As of now, Metallica fans can stream music from every single Metallica album including Kill 'Em All, Master of Puppets, Metallica (aka “The Black Album”), And Justice for All and much much more.

“Metallica has always tried to be in control of the way we present our music to our fans, which is why we've waited to see the way these online retailers and streaming services operate and gauge the overall fan experience before deciding to include our music,” says drummer Lars Ulrich.

“We now feel that Spotify not only has a proven track record, but is by far the best music streaming service. We are beyond psyched to unleash our music through their platform.”

Metallica have also launched their new independent record label, Blackened Recordings, as a home for all of their recordings, both audio and visual. Metallica now have ownership of all their recordings, after a deal with Warner Music Group.

The first release by Blackened Recordings is the Quebec Magnetic DVD, out on 10 December 10.