Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover recently gave online publication Crypt Magazine the scoop on the band’s new album, and the word is: It’s coming soon!

“Right now we’re in tour mode, but we’re starting to discuss our game plan for next year, and I envision next year we’ll be recording a new record,” Drover said. “So there’s no end in sight as far as we’re concerned. We’re just going to keep rolling, and things are going really well for us right now, and we’re just seizing every opportunity that we can.”

Also asked about Megadeth’s mega-successful European jaunt on The Big Four tour with Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax this past summer, Drover said there’s hope for more tour dates with the metal powerhouses.

“Once we did [the Big Four Tour] in Europe, now everyone around the world’s screaming for it,” Drover said. “So hopefully we’ll be able to do it next year, or whenever that’s going to be. But right now, we really don’t know. You know, there’s talk, you hear things, people say things, but until it actually presents itself … We’re all really hopeful that it will. We’ll see what happens with it.”

Drover – who’s been a member of Megadeth since 2004 – drums also for Eidolon, a Canadian metal band that he founded in 1993 with his brother Glen, who played guitar for Megadeth from 2004-07. 

Megadeth released their first album in 1985 and their most recent in 2009. This next disc will be their 13 studio album.