The historic British Twickenham film studios were responsible for hundreds of classic films including  Beatles movies, A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, as well  as recent hits like The Iron Lady and War Horse,  but recently went into administrations.
Paul McCartney is just one star who is supporting the Save Twickenham Studios campaign. He says on the campaign website: “I have many fond memories of working at Twickenham Studios, having worked on Beatles films there. It’s a fine example of a British film studio and it would be a great loss if it were to have nothing more to do with the British film industry.”
The director of The Beatles’ movies, Richard Lester, is also supporting the Save Twickenham Studios campaign. He said: “In 1963, while looking for a studio to film the first Beatles film, we came upon Twickenham and soon realized that it provided the perfect facilities for our needs (and was only seven miles from my house). I took possession of an office there and gave it up last year, having filmed or finished all but two of twenty-some films at the studio. During that time I was able to call on the professional skills and kindnesses that the studio provided. It would be a great shame if these qualities that I enjoyed for nearly fifty unbroken years could not also benefit a new generation of filmmakers.”