It turns out Lars Ulrich is quite a fan of Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds. Speaking to New Musical Express, the Metallica drummer said, “I’m hard pressed to think of anyone I would rather drum with than Noel Gallagher, [although] I have to say the fellow with the Clockwork Orange get up at the back is doing a stellar job. When I saw them in L.A in December it was fabulous. You know, if … the other 37,000 drummers on this planet turn him down, I’ll certainly play with him.”

Ulrich went on to say he wasn’t sure Gallagher would take him seriously, but he had little doubt the musical fit would be a good one. “I’m certainly not sure he would ever want to pick me, but I’d put together a pretty solid groove thing back there,” he said. “I would make the songs bounce to the best of my ability.”