When it comes to talking about the history of metal, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is a great talk show guest. But, who knew he could speak just as passionately about jazz? That’s exactly what the percussionist will do on an upcoming edition of BBC 2’s radio show Jamie Cullum.

According to Blabbermouth, Ulrich will discuss the impact jazz had/has on his Metallica work, as well as his father’s influence as a jazz musician. His dad, Torben Ulrich, was a jazz clarinetist in Copenhagen in the 1950s who befriended greats such as Stan Getz and Dexter Gordon. Gordon was even Lars’ godfather.

Musician/host Cullum had this to say about the Metallica drummer: “Long before I was into jazz, I was a fan of heavy metal music. Metallica are one band that really did it for me in my early days. I’ve always been interested in the technical mastery it took to play both jazz and heavy metal. When I discovered Lars Ulrich, one of the founder members of Metallica, is into his jazz, I had to get him onto my Radio 2 show.”

The episode will air on September 20.

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