Kiss Motley Crue The Tour

KISS and Mötley Crüe will bring their imaginatively titled 'The Tour' tour to Australia in early 2013, according to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

Over the weekend Tommy posted on Facebook [edited for clarity]:

"Wow! How time flies! Last night of the U.S. part of the tour. One show in Mexico in a few days but it's a rap for 2012, kids! A little break 'til January 2013 then off to Australia with KISS and Motley. Been going like [expletive] since February in Vegas! Nine months! [Expletive] Whooped…"

The just-wrapping-up The Tour tour encompasses 40 dates across the USA, Canada and Mexico, with both bands playing 90-minute sets. KISS are of course about to release their new album Monster, while the Crüe are still running on the heat generated from "Sex," the new song they released to coincide with their Las Vegas run earlier this year.

Since this tour is a pretty big production, do you think they'll keep it to a select handful of Down Under dates? Or are KISS and the Crüe gearing up for a second massive run together?