PiL This Is

Having just released This is PiL, the first album from Public Image Ltd in 20 years, John Lydon has revealed that he originally formed PiL out of frustration with the Sex Pistols.

“I wanted to break with traditional formats,” Lydon said, in an interview to be published by M - Music & Musicians. “The Sex Pistols were a great thing – that whole experience was wonderful, and I thank those lads very much. But there were limitations in the band. There was some ambition toward emulating sound structures, with following the rules of rock and roll. And that was unacceptable to me. We fell apart for the other reasons, but that, alone, would have been a good reason.”

Lydon added that the concept for PiL was forged while he was still in the Pistols. “It was already there, permanently, throughout our American tour. I wrote [the early PiL song] ‘Religion’ while in the Sex Pistols, but the rest of the band wouldn’t touch it. So I had to find a new base to begin from.”