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Joe Walsh will sit in with Daryl Hall to celebrate the 60th episode of Hall's music show, Live From Daryl's House.

Hall and Walsh will perform Walsh's “Rocky Mountain Way” and “Life’s Been Good,” as well as Hall’s “Somebody Like You” and “Wrong Side of History,” “Wrecking Ball” from Walsh’s latest album and James Gang classic, “Funk 49/50.”

"I was a kid in the Temptones back in Philly when I first heard ‘Funk 49,’" Hall says. "Joe was one of the first to take that blues-rock groove and really funk it out. He’s one of the great guitar legends, an amazing musician. I couldn’t wait to play with him."

Walsh says of Hall, "He’s been a favorite of mine for a long time. And I finally wound up on the East Coast with enough time to get up to Daryl’s and represent. It was great to finally play some music with him. The band’s great, the production crew’s great, and I totally support the home-grown concept. Hope everybody enjoys the show as much as I did."

Live From Daryl’s House is syndicated to numerous stations around the United States and also airs on Thursday nights at 11 PM (ET) on Paladia.